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Dudley limo hire

Dudley is one of the towns in Newcastle that have come to be largely identified as a great holiday destination for people in and around Newcastle. It also shares in the modern developments that characterise Newcastle, from schools and universities to religious sites, world class restaurants, shopping malls, sports and music arenas.

Dudley is also a great business investment town, as indicated by the many investors, both locals and visitors who have established major business ventures here. One of the thriving businesses is the limo hire which has established solid ground in the town over the last couple of years.

Dudley limousine hire

Limos in Dudley are hired for different occasions and the industry has all kinds of limousines to offer. Among the limos available are the white stretch limos that have been around for a long time, the Hummer limos that come in different colours and the latest models of the stretched versions of the BMW X5, the Ferrari F350, the Jeep Excursion, and the Chrysler 300. Other famous limos around Dudley are the Pink playboy limos, wedding car limos and the Range Rover among a variety of others.

Limo hire is a major part of many occasions in Dudley, and it is no wonder that the limo hire industry is thriving as much. School proms are particularly famous with limo hire. The hummer limo is the most famous with proms as everyone seeks to ride in style to their prom night. It has monopolised this position for a long time because many people are now willing to dig deeper into their pockets for a memorable, once in a lifetime experience.

limo hire Dudley

Wedding car hire in Dudley is mostly associated with the wedding car limos ranging from the vintage Bentley Arnage coming in Peacock blue and silver colours to the Rolls Royce Phantom, the 1930s Beauford wedding car. Some hirers will opt for the latest limo models of the Audi Q7, the Range Rover limo and the BMW X5 for weddings.

Newcastle is generally known for its picturesque views and Dudley happens to share in those too. Many visitors to Dudley all year through hire limos for sight seeing as well as to sample Dudley’s night life.

Limo hire for clubbing is very common in Dudley with both locals and visitors using them as convenient means of riding to clubs in a relaxed and classy style while also being assured that the chauffer will be waiting to take them home even late into the night when they are done with the drinking and dancing.

limousine hire Dudley

On the other hand, the Jeep excursion limo is a good option for sight seeing across Dudley, with its spacious capacity for 16 people and its stylish interior that comes with all the latest technology while the fact that it is tough enough to endure harsh terrain makes it the perfect choice for exploring Dudley’s geography.

Theatre limo hire in Dudley although a little bit expensive, is also a major part of the limo hire business. Artists always want to arrive in a unique style for their live performances while their fans are not left out either. The Lincoln Navigator is a good choice for a limo ride to the theatre.

Sports and yearly religious or corporate events also record massive limo bookings in Dudley and this town has the capacity to meet all your limo needs and so much more.