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Earsdon limo hire

Newcastle upon Tyne is widely known for its historical and cultural beauty that is brought about by the picturesque geography it possesses as well as the modern developments that have endeared it to many visitors across England and beyond.

Earsdon is one of the towns in Newcastle that is a major attraction for visitors world wide. Earsdon has seen some major developments over the last few years and the limo hire business has been one of them.

Limo hire in Earsdon has become famous with events happening all year through. Limo hire companies here have grown rapidly from the earlier years when limo hiring was associated with aristocrats and the Royal family in England and majority of the people now have embraced limousine hiring as a part of their lives.

Earsdon limousine hire

The limos available in Earsdon include the white stretch limos that have graced the limo frontier for a long time, the wedding car limos too that have graced many people’s wedding occasions in the past years like the Rolls Royce Phantom, the 1930s Beauford wedding car, the 1963 white S3 Bentley among others.

Nowadays, a lot of people are going out of their way to make the modern limo variety a major part of their occasions. The Hummer limo in particular is unrivalled for being the most hunted of all the limos in the market across England. They come in a variety of colours and a lavish interior with all the latest technology in form of plasma screens, sound system, fully stocked bars that are spacious enough to offer you pleasure They are most common with weddings and sports events.

limo hire Earsdon

Limo hire companies in Earsdon have a capacity to meet limo needs for its locals and visitors alike because they have other brands of limos including the latest models of the Audi Q7, the Range Rover limo and the BMW X5 in additions to the Porsche Cayenne, the Chrysler 300, the Ford Excursion, Jeep expedition among a fleet of others.

Corporate events in Earsdon form a huge part of the limo hire business and so do airport transfers for a good number of people going in and out of Earsdon through the Newcastle International Airport. Visitors to Earsdon use limos for sight seeing and the Jeep excursion limo seems to be a favourite for this adventure.

School proms are one of the main school events in Earsdon that record massive limo bookings many months in advance. All types of limos are booked for prom parties including the white stretch limos, the pink playboy limo, Porsche Cayenne and even the red Fire Engine limo.

limousine hire Earsdon

Other major events for which limos are hired here are weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, funerals, and sports events. Limo hire for yearly events in Earsdon is very common. Religious events such as Christmas, Diwali and Ramadan have limos hired massively way long before they are due.

A good number of people also opt to arrive in style to their new places of work after a major career achievement and they therefore opt for limo rides.

Limo hire for theatre, engagement parties, honeymoon, and school parties characterise other limo hire events in Earsdon as well as Newcastle in general. Hire companies are engrossed in a lot of competition, and this promotes professional, convenient and affordable limo hire services in and around Earsdon.